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Paraboloidal X-ray telescope mirror for solar coronal spectroscopyThe telescope mirror for the X-ray Spectrograph Spectrometer Telescope System is a sixty degree sector of an extreme off-axis paraboloid of revolution. It was designed to focus a coronal region 1 by 10 arc seconds in size on the entrance slit of the spectrometer after reflection from the gold surface. This paper discusses the design, manufacture, and metrology of the mirror, the methods of precision mechanical metrology used to focus the system, and the mounting system which locates the mirror and has proven itself through vibration tests. In addition, the results of reflection efficiency measurements, alignment tolerances, and ray trace analysis of the effects of misalignment are considered.
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Conference Proceedings
Brown, W. A. (Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. Palo Alto, CA, United States)
Bruner, E. C., Jr. (Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. Palo Alto, CA, United States)
Acton, L. W. (Lockheed Research Laboratories Palo Alto, Calif., United States)
Franks, A. (Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. Palo Alto, CA, United States)
Stedman, M. (Aeronautical Research Council, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington Middx., United Kingdom)
Speer, R. J. (Imperial College of Science and Technology London, United Kingdom)
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August 10, 2013
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January 1, 1979
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Space optics: Imaging X-ray optics workshop(Huntsville, AL)
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