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Radio and white-light observations of coronal transientsOptical, radio and X-ray evidence of violent mass motions in the corona has existed for some years but only recently have the form, nature, frequency and implication of the transients become obvious. In this paper the observed properties of coronal transients are reviewed, with concentration on the white-light and radio manifestations. The classification according to speeds seems to be meaningful, with the slow transients having thermal emissions at radio wavelengths and the fast ones nonthermal. The possible mechanisms involved in the radio bursts are then discussed and estimates of various forms of energy are reviewed. It appears that the magnetic energy transported from the sun by the transient exceeds that of any other form, and that magnetic forces dominate in the dynamics of the motions. The conversion of magnetic energy into mechanical energy, by expansion of the field, provides a possible driving force for the coronal and interplanetary shock waves.
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Conference Proceedings
Dulk, G. A.
(Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Div. of Radiophysics, Sydney, Australia; Colorado, University Boulder, Colo., United States)
Date Acquired
August 10, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1980
Subject Category
Solar Physics
Meeting Information
Meeting: Radio physics of the sun
Location: College Park, MD
Start Date: August 7, 1979
End Date: August 10, 1979
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