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Experiment K305: Quantitative analysis of selected bone parameters. Supplement 2: Bone elongation rate and bone mass in metaphysis of long bonesThe proximal humeral metaphysis of rats from time periods recovery plus zero days (R+0), recovery plus six days (R+6), and recovery plus twenty nine days (R+29) was analyzed. The volume of calcified cartilage and bone in flight and synchronous controls was reduced in groups R+0 and R+6, but was normal in group R+29. The number of functional bone cells (osteoblasts and osteoclasts) was decreased in proportion to the amount of bone in the early groups, and was normal in the last group. The fatty marrow volume was increased only in flight animals of groups R+0 and R+6, but was normal in the R+29 group. Accumulation of excess fatty marrow was seen only in flight animals. The decreased amount of bone and calcified cartilage is believed to be the result of a temporarily slowed or arrested production of calcified cartilage as a substrate for bone formation. This would have resulted from slowed bone elongation during flight and synchronous control conditions. Bone elongation returned to normal by twenty nine days after return.
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Jee, W. S. S.
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Kimmel, D. B.
(Utah Univ. Salt Lake City, UT, United States)
Smith, C.
(Utah Univ. Salt Lake City, UT, United States)
Dell, R. B.
(Utah Univ. Salt Lake City, UT, United States)
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August 11, 2013
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August 1, 1981
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Publication: NASA. Ames Research Center US Rat Expts. Flown on the Soviet Satellite Cosmos 1129
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Life Sciences (General)
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