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Far infrared filters for the Galileo-Jupiter and other missionsProgress in the development of FIR multilayer interference filters for the net flux radiometer and photopolarizing radiometer to be carried on board the Galileo mission to Jupiter is reported. The multilayer interference technique has been extended to the region above 40 microns by the use of PbTe/II-VI materials in hard-coated combination, with the thickest layers composed of CdSe QWOT at 74 microns and PbTe QWOT. Improvements have also been obtained in filters below 20 microns on the basis of the Chebyshev stack design. A composite filter cutting on steeply at 40 microns has been designed which employs a thin crystal quartz substrate, shorter wavelength absorption in ZnS and As2S3 thin films, and supplementary multilayer interference. Finally, absorptive filters have been developed based on II-VI compounds in multilayer combination with KRS-5 (or 6) on a KRS-5 (or 6) substrate
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Seeley, J. S.
(Reading Univ. United Kingdom)
Hunneman, R.
(Reading Univ. United Kingdom)
Whatley, A.
(Reading, University Reading, Berks., United Kingdom)
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August 11, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1981
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Publication: Applied Optics
Volume: 20
Subject Category
Spacecraft Instrumentation
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