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Evaluation of concepts for controlling exhaust emissions from minimally processed petroleum and synthetic fuelsRich-lean combustor concepts designed to enhance rich combustion chemistry and increase combustor flexibility for NO(x) reduction with minimally processed fuels are examined. Processes such as rich product recirculation in the rich chamber, rich-lean annihilation, and graduated air addition or staged rich combustion to release bound nitrogen in steps of reduced equivalence ratio are discussed. Variations to the baseline rapid quench section are considered, and the effect of residence time in the rich zone is investigated. The feasibility of using uncooled non-metallic materials for the rich zone combustion construction is also addressed. The preliminary results indicate that rich primary zone staged combustion provides environmentally acceptable operation with residual and/or synthetic coal-derived liquid fuels
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Conference Paper
Russell, P. L.
(United Technologies Corp. West Palm Beach, FL, United States)
Beal, G. W.
(United Technologies Corp. Government Products Div., West Palm Beach, Fla., United States)
Sederquist, R. A.
(United Technologies Corp. Power Systems Div., South Windsor, Conn., United States)
Shultz, D.
(NASA Lewis Research Center Cleveland, Ohio, United States)
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August 11, 2013
Publication Date
March 1, 1981
Subject Category
Propellants And Fuels
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Meeting: Gas Turbine Conference and Products Show
Location: Houston, TX
Start Date: March 9, 1981
End Date: March 12, 1981
Sponsors: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
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