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Radar studies of gravity waves and tides in the middle atmosphere - A reviewA review is presented of recent radar studies of gravity waves and tides in the middle atmosphere (over regions of approximately 10-30 and 60-90 km). The techniques used for monitoring the motions are outlined and their limitations are pointed out. The radars provide observations of short-period (1 min-1 h) gravity waves and tides at selected height intervals, depending on the radar frequency and the observation technique. The following contributions to the study of the midatmosphere are included in the discussion: (1) buoyancy oscillations and short-period (less than 10 min) acoustic-gravity waves have been observed in the troposphere and stratosphere and, in several cases, their generation and propagation near critical levels has been reconciled with theoretical models; (2) excitation of stratospheric waves by penetrative convection associated with thunderstorms has been established; (3) stratospheric and mesospheric tides at diurnal and semidiurnal periods have been observed; and (4) long-period (approximately 2 to 5 days) waves have been observed in the mesosphere. It is noted that more comprehensive data bases need to be obtained for further tidal and wave studies.
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Rastogi, P. K. (Arecibo Observatory, Arecibo, PR; Auroral Observatory Tromso, Norway)
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August 11, 2013
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June 1, 1981
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