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A low cost maritime control aircraft-ship-weapons systemIt is pointed out that the long-range antiship standoff missile is emerging as the foremost threat on the seas. Delivered by high speed bombers, surface ships, and submarines, a missile attack can be mounted against selected targets from any point on the compass. An investigation is conducted regarding the configuration of a system which could most efficiently identify and destroy standoff threats before they launch their weapons. It is found that by using ships for carrying and launching missiles, and employing aircraft with a powerful radar only for search and missile directing operations, aircraft cost and weight can be greatly reduced. The employment of V/STOL aircraft in preference to other types of aircraft makes it possible to use ships of smaller size for carrying the aircraft. However, in order to obtain an all-weather operational capability for the system, ships are selected which are still big enough to display the required stability in heavy seas.
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Conference Paper
Fluk, H. (U.S. Naval Air Engineering Center Lakehurst, NJ, United States)
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August 10, 2013
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December 1, 1981
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AIAA PAPER 81-2660
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V/STOL Conference(Palo Alto, CA)
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