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Conditional sampling technique to test the applicability of the Taylor hypothesis for the large-scale coherent structuresComparisons of the distributions of large scale structures in turbulent flow with distributions based on time dependent signals from stationary probes and the Taylor hypothesis are presented. The study investigated an area in the near field of a 7.62 cm circular air jet at a Re of 32,000, specifically having coherent structures through small-amplitude controlled excitation and stable vortex pairing in the jet column mode. Hot-wire and X-wire anemometry were employed to establish phase averaged spatial distributions of longitudinal and lateral velocities, coherent Reynolds stress and vorticity, background turbulent intensities, streamlines and pseudo-stream functions. The Taylor hypothesis was used to calculate spatial distributions of the phase-averaged properties, with results indicating that the usage of the local time-average velocity or streamwise velocity produces large distortions.
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Conference Proceedings
Hussain, A. K. M. F. (Houston, University Houston, TX, United States)
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August 10, 2013
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January 1, 1980
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In: EUROMECH 132; Colloquium on Hot-Wire, Hot-Film Anemometry and Conditional Measurements(Rhone)
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