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Medical support and technology for long-duration space missionsThe current philosophy and development directions being taken towards realization of medical systems for use on board space stations are discussed. Data was gained on the performance of physical examinations, venipuncture and blood flow, blood smear and staining, white blood cell differential count, throat culture swab and colony count, and microscopy techniques during a 28-day period of the Skylab mission. It is expected that the advent of Shuttle flights will rapidly increase the number of persons in space, create a demand for in-space rather than on-earth medical procedures, and necessitate treatments for disorders without the provision for an early return to earth. Attention is being given to pressurized environment and extravehicular conditions of treatment, the possibilities of the use of the OTV for moving injured or ill crewmembers to other space stations, and to isolation of persons with communicable diseases from station crews.
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Conference Paper
Furukawa, S.
(McDonnell Douglas Technical Services Co., Inc. Cocoa Beach, FL, United States)
Nicogossian, A.
(NASA Headquarters Washington, DC United States)
Buchanan, P.
(NASA Kennedy Space Center Cocoa Beach, FL, United States)
Pool, S. L.
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX, United States)
Date Acquired
August 10, 2013
Publication Date
September 1, 1982
Subject Category
Aerospace Medicine
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IAF PAPER 82-174
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