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Durability of aircraft composite materialsConfidence in the long term durability of advanced composites is developed through a series of flight service programs. Service experience is obtained by installing secondary and primary composite components on commercial and military transport aircraft and helicopters. Included are spoilers, rudders, elevators, ailerons, fairings and wing boxes on transport aircraft and doors, fairings, tail rotors, vertical fins, and horizontal stabilizers on helicopters. Materials included in the evaluation are boron/epoxy, Kevlar/epoxy, graphite/epoxy and boron/aluminum. Inspection, maintenance, and repair results for the components in service are reported. The effects of long term exposure to laboratory, flight, and outdoor environmental conditions are reported for various composite materials. Included are effects of moisture absorption, ultraviolet radiation, and aircraft fuels and fluids.
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Conference Paper
H. Benson Dextern
(Langley Research Center Hampton, Virginia, United States)
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August 11, 2013
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November 16, 1982
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Publication: Advanced Materials Technology
Volume: NASA/CP-2251
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Composite Materials
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Advanced Materials Technology Seminar(Hampton, VA)
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PROJECT: RTOP 505-33-33-01
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