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Plasma and energetic particle structure of a collisionless quasi-parallel shockThe quasi-parallel interplanetary shock of November 11-12, 1978 from both the collisionless shock and energetic particle points of view were studied using measurements of the interplanetary magnetic and electric fields, solar wind electrons, plasma and MHD waves, and intermediate and high energy ions obtained on ISEE-1, -2, and -3. The interplanetary environment through which the shock was propagating when it encountered the three spacecraft was characterized; the observations of this shock are documented and current theories of quasi-parallel shock structure and particle acceleration are tested. These observations tend to confirm present self consistent theories of first order Fermi acceleration by shocks and of collisionless shock dissipation involving firehouse instability.
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Other - Collected Works
Kennel, C. F.
(TRW Space and Technology Group Redondo Beach, Calif., United States)
Scarf, F. L.
(TRW Space and Technology Group Redondo Beach, Calif., United States)
Coroniti, F. V.
(TRW Space and Technology Group Redondo Beach, Calif., United States)
Russell, C. T.
(California Univ. Los Angeles, United States)
Smith, E. J.
(Jet Propulsion Lab., California Inst. of Tech. Pasadena, CA, United States)
Wenzel, K. P.
(ESA Noordwijk, Netherlands)
Reinhard, R.
(ESA Noordwijk, Netherlands)
Sanderson, T. R.
(ESA Noordwijk, Netherlands)
Feldman, W. C.
(Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory Seattle, United States)
Parks, G. K.
(Washington Univ.)
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August 11, 2013
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April 28, 1983
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Publication: TRW Space and Technology Labs. Plasma Wave Expt. for the ISEE-3 Mission
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Plasma Physics
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