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Electron capture by U(91+) and U(92+) and ionization of U(90+) and U(91+)U(92+)/U(91+) and U(91+)/U(90+) electron-capture and ionization cross sections and equilibrium charge-state distributions are measured experimentally in mylar, Cu and Ta of varying thickness. Relativistic U(68+) ions at 437 or 962 MeV/nucleon are produced by a heavy-ion linear accelerator and synchrotron in tandem and passed through the target material into a magnetic specrometer and position-sensitive proportional counter for evaluation of charge states. The results are presented graphically and discussed. At 962 MeV/nucleon, beams containing 85 percent bare U(92+) nuclei are obtained using 150-mg/sq cm Cu or 85-mg/sq cm Ta; at 437 MeV/nucleon, 50 percent bare U(92+) nuclei are obtained with 90-mg/sq cm Cu. The techniques decribed can be applied to produce beams of bare U nuclei for acceleration to ultrarelativistic speeds or beams of few-electron U for atomic-physics experiments on quantum electrodynamics.
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Gould, H.
(California Univ. Berkeley. Lawrence Berkeley Lab, CA, United States)
Greiner, D.
(California Univ. Berkeley. Lawrence Berkeley Lab, CA, United States)
Lindstrom, P.
(California Univ. Berkeley. Lawrence Berkeley Lab, CA, United States)
Symons, T. J. M.
(California, University Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, United States)
Crawford, H.
(California, University Berkeley, CA, United States)
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August 12, 2013
Publication Date
January 16, 1984
Publication Information
Publication: Physical Review Letters
Volume: 52
ISSN: 0031-9007
Subject Category
Nuclear And High-Energy Physics
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