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Comparison of ground-based and Viking Orbiter measurements of Martian water vapor - Variability of the seasonal cycleEarth-based observations of Mars atmospheric water vapor are presented for the 1975-1976, 1977-1978, and 1983 apparitions. Comparisons are made with near-simultaneous spacecraft measurements made from the Viking Orbiter Mars Atmospheric Water Detection experiment during 1976-1978 and with previous earth-based measurements. Differences occur between the behavior in the different years, and may be related to the Mars climate. Measurements during the southern summer in 1969 indicate a factor of three times as much water as is present at this same season in other years. This difference may have resulted from the sublimation of water from the south polar residual cap upon removal of most or all of the CO2 ice present; sublimation of all of the CO2 ice during some years could be a result of a greater thermal load being placed on the cap due to the presence of differing amounts of atmospheric dust.
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Reprint (Version printed in journal)
Jakosky, B. M.
(Colorado, University Boulder, CO, United States)
Barker, E. S.
(Texas, University Austin, TX, United States)
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August 12, 2013
Publication Date
March 1, 1984
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Publication: Icarus
Volume: 57
ISSN: 0019-1035
Subject Category
Lunar And Planetary Exploration
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