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The construction of life prediction models for the design of Stirling engine heater componentsThe service life of Stirling-engine heater structures of Fe-based high-temperature alloys is predicted using a numerical model based on a linear-damage approach and published test data (engine test data for a Co-based alloy and tensile-test results for both the Co-based and the Fe-based alloys). The operating principle of the automotive Stirling engine is reviewed; the economic and technical factors affecting the choice of heater material are surveyed; the test results are summarized in tables and graphs; the engine environment and automotive duty cycle are characterized; and the modeling procedure is explained. It is found that the statistical scatter of the fatigue properties of the heater components needs to be reduced (by decreasing the porosity of the cast material or employing wrought material in fatigue-prone locations) before the accuracy of life predictions can be improved.
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Conference Paper
Petrovich, A.
(Mechanical Technology, Inc. Latham, NY, United States)
Bright, A.
(Mechanical Technology, Inc. Latham, NY, United States)
Cronin, M.
(Mechanical Technology, Inc. Latham, NY, United States)
Arnold, S.
(Mechanical Technology, Inc. Latham, NY, United States)
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August 12, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1983
Subject Category
Mechanical Engineering
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International Conference on Advances in Life Prediction Methods(Albany, NY)
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