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The reflection of airborne UV laser pulses from the oceanIt is experimentally shown here for the first time that the normalized laser backscatter cross-section of the sea surface is a function of elevation or height position on teh ocean wave. All data were taken off-nadir, resulting in incidence angles of about 6.5 deg measured relative to the normal to mean sea level (MSL). In the limited data sets analyzed to date, the normalized backscatter cross-section was found to be higher in wave crest regions and lower in wave troughs for a swell-dominated sea over which the wind speed was 5 m/s. The reverse was found to be the case for a sea that was driven by a 14 m/s wind. These isolated results show that the MSL, as measured by an off-nadir and/or multibeam type satellite laser altimeter, will be found above, at, or below the true MSL, depending on the local sea conditions existing in the footprint of the altimeter. Airborne nadir-pointed laser altimeter data for a wide variety of sea conditions are needed before a final determination can be made of the effect of sea state on the backscatter cross-section as measured by a down-looking satellite laser system.
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Hoge, F. E. (NASA Wallops Flight Center Wallops Island, VA, United States)
Krabill, W. B. (NASA Wallops Flight Center Wallops Island, VA, United States)
Swift, R. N. (EG&G Washington Analytical Services Center Inc., Pocomoke City, MD, United States)
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August 12, 2013
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January 1, 1984
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Publication: Marine Geodesy
Volume: 8
Issue: 1-4,
ISSN: 0149-0419
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