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The dynamics of a space station tethered refueling facilityThe fluid stored in a tethered orbital refueling facility is settled at the bottom of the storage tanks by gravity-gradient forces. The fluid motions (slosh) induced by outside disturbances must be limited to ensure the tank outlet is not uncovered during a fluid transfer. The dynamics of a LO2/LH2 TORF attached to the space station have been analyzed to identify design parameters necessary to limit fluid motion. Using the worst case disturbance of a shuttle docking at the space station, the fluid motion was found to be a function of tether length and allowable facility swing angle. Acceptable fluid behavior occurs for tether lengths of at least 1000 ft. To ensure motions induced by separate disturbances do not add to unacceptable values, a slosh damping coefficient of 5 percent is recommended.
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Conference Paper
Abbott, P.
(Martin Marietta Aerospace Denver, CO, United States)
Rudolph, L. K.
(Martin Marietta Aerospace Denver, CO, United States)
Fester, D. A.
(Martin Marietta Corp. Denver, CO, United States)
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August 12, 2013
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June 1, 1986
Subject Category
Spacecraft Design, Testing And Performance
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AIAA PAPER 86-1605
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