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Effect of loading rate on dynamic fracture of reaction bonded silicon nitrideWedge-loaded, modified tapered double cantilever beam (WL-MTDCB) specimens under impact loading were used to determine the room temperature dynamic fracture response of reaction bonded silicon nitride (RBSN). The crack extension history, with the exception of the terminal phase, was similar to that obtained under static loading. Like its static counterpart, a distinct crack acceleration phase, which was not observed in dynamic fracture of steel and brittle polymers, was noted. Unlike its static counterpart, the crack continued to propagate at nearly its terminal velocity under a low dynamic stress intensity factor during the terminal phase of crack propagation. These and previously obtained results for glass and RBSN show that dynamic crack arrest under a positive dynamic stress intensity factor is unlikely in static and impact loaded structural ceramics.
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Conference Paper
Liaw, B. M.
(Washington Univ. Seattle, WA, United States)
Kobayashi, A. S.
(Washington Univ. Seattle, WA, United States)
Emery, A. F.
(Washington, University Seattle, United States)
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August 12, 2013
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January 1, 1986
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Structural Mechanics
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