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Rapidly rotating single late-type giants: New FK Comae stars?A group of rapidly rotating single late-type giants was found from surveys of chromospherically active stars. These stars have V sin I's ranging from 6 to 46 km/sec, modest ultraviolet emission line fluxes, and strong H alpha absorption lines. Although certainly chromospherically active, their characteristics are much less extreme than those of FK Com and one or two other similar systems. One possible explanation for the newly identified systems is that they have evolved from stars similar to FK Com. The chromospheric activity and rotation of single giant stars like FK Com would be expected to decrease with time as they do in single dwarfs. Alternatively, this newly identified group may have evolved from single rapidly rotating A, or early F stars.
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Conference Paper
Fekel, Francis C. (Vanderbilt Univ. Nashville, TN, United States)
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September 5, 2013
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September 1, 1986
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Publication: ESA Proceedings of an International Symposium on New Insights in Astrophysics. Eight Years of UV Astronomy with IUE
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