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Radio observations of a few selected blazars
Author and Affiliation:
Saikia, D. J.(Manchester, Victoria University, Jodrell Bank, England)
Salter, C. J.(Instituto de Radioastronomia Milimetrica, Granada, Spain)
Neff, S. G.(NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, United States)
Gower, A. C.(Victoria, University, Canada)
Sinha, R. P.(Systems and Applied Sciences Corp., Lanham, MD, United States)
et al.
Abstract: The paper presents total-intensity and linear-polarization observations of four selected blazars, 0716+714, 0752+258, 1156+295 and 1400+162, with the VLA A-array, and MERLIN and EVN observations of 1400+162. The sources 0752+258 and 1400+162 which have nearly constant optical polarization, have well-defined double-lobed radio structure, with relatively weak radio cores, and are likely to be at large viewing angles. In addition, 0752+258 appears to be a twin-jet blazar. The position angle (PA) of the VLBI jet in 1400+162 is close to that of the arcsec-scale jet near the nucleus, as well as the optical and 2-cm core polarization PAs. The blazars 0716+714 and 1156+295, which exhibit strongly variable optical polarization, have a core-dominated radio structure and perhaps have their jet axes close to the line-of-sight. From polarization observations at 20, 18, 6, and 2 cm, it is found that the rotation measure of the radio core in 0716+714 is about -20 rad/sq m. It is suggested that low values of core rotation measure in core-dominated sources could be consistent with the relativistic beaming models.
Publication Date: Sep 01, 1987
Document ID:
(Acquired Nov 28, 1995)
Accession Number: 88A10538
Subject Category: ASTROPHYSICS
Document Type: Journal Article
Publication Information: Royal Astronomical Society, Monthly Notices (ISSN 0035-8711); 228; 203-216
Publisher Information: United Kingdom
Financial Sponsor: NASA; United States
Organization Source: Manchester Univ.; MacClesfield, United Kingdom
Tata Inst. of Fundamental Research; Bangalore, India
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Greenbelt, MD, United States
Victoria Univ. British Columbia; Greenbelt, MD, Canada
Systems and Applied Sciences Corp.; Lanham, MD, United States
Instituto de Radioastronomia; Granada, Spain
Description: 14p; In English
Distribution Limits: Unclassified; Publicly available; Unlimited
Rights: Copyright
Imprint And Other Notes: Royal Astronomical Society, Monthly Notices (ISSN 0035-8711), vol. 228, Sept. 1, 1987, p. 203-216.
Availability Source: Other Sources
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