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Treatment bed microbiological controlThe effects of microbial fouling on treatment bed (TB) performance are being studied. Fouling of activated carbon (AC) and ion exchange resins (IEX) by live and devitalized bacteria can cause decreased capacity for selected sorbates with AC and IEX TB. More data are needed on organic species removal in the trace region of solute sorption isotherms. TB colonization was prevented by nonclassical chemical disinfectant compositions (quaternary ammonium resins) applied in suitable configurations. Recently, the protection of carbon beds via direct disinfectant impregnation has shown promise. Effects (of impregnation) upon bed sorption/removal characteristics are to be studied with representative contaminants. The potential need to remove solutes added or produced during water disinfection and/or TB microbiological control must be investigated.
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Conference Paper
Janauer, Gilbert E.
(State Univ. of New York Binghamton, NY, United States)
Fitzpatrick, Timothy W.
(State Univ. of New York Binghamton, NY, United States)
Kril, Michael B.
(State Univ. of New York Binghamton, NY, United States)
Wilber, Georgia A.
(New York, State University Binghamton, United States)
Sauer, Richard L.
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX, United States)
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August 13, 2013
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July 1, 1987
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Life Sciences (General)
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SAE PAPER 871492
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