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Ink jet assisted metallization for low cost flat plate solar cellsComputer-controlled ink-jet-assisted metallization of the front surface of solar cells with metalorganic silver inks offers a maskless alternative method to conventional photolithography and screen printing. This method can provide low cost, fine resolution, reduced process complexity, avoidance of degradation of the p-n junction by firing at lower temperature, and uniform line film on rough surface of solar cells. The metallization process involves belt furnace firing and thermal spiking. With multilayer ink jet printing and firing, solar cells of about 5-6 percent efficiency without antireflection (AR) coating can be produced. With a titanium thin-film underlayer as an adhesion promoter, solar cells of average efficiency 8.08 percent without AR coating can be obtained. This efficiency value is approximately equal to that of thin-film solar cells of the same lot. Problems with regard to lower inorganic content of the inks and contact resistance are noted.
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Document Type
Conference Paper
Teng, K. F.
(Purdue Univ. West Lafayette, IN, United States)
Vest, R. W.
(Purdue University West Lafayette, IN, United States)
Date Acquired
August 13, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1987
Subject Category
Electronics And Electrical Engineering
Meeting Information
Meeting: IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference
Location: New Orleans, LA
Country: United States
Start Date: May 4, 1987
End Date: May 8, 1987
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