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Effect of electric discharge machining on the fatigue life of Inconel 718The effect of electric discharge machining on the fatigue life of Inconel 718 alloy at room temperature was investigated. Data were generated in the uniaxial tension fatigue mode at ambient temperature using flat 3.175 mm thick specimens. The specimens were machined on a wire-cut electric discharge machine at cutting speeds ranging from 0.5 to 2 mm per minute. The specimens were fatigued at a selected stress, and the resulting fatigue lives compared with that of the virgin material. The surfaces of the fatigued specimens were examined under optical and scanning electron microscopes, and the roughness of the surfaces was measured using a standard profilometer. From the results of the investigation, it was concluded that the fatigue life of the specimens machined using EDM decreased slightly as compared with that of the virgin material, but remained unchanged as the cutting speed was changed. The results are explained using data produced employing microhardness measurements, profilometry, and optical and scanning microscopy.
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Jeelani, S.
(Tuskegee Inst. AL, United States)
Collins, M. R.
(Tuskegee University AL, United States)
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August 13, 2013
Publication Date
April 1, 1988
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Publication: International Journal of Fatique
Volume: 10
ISSN: 0142-1123
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Mechanical Engineering
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