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a high-resolution gamma-ray and hard x-ray spectrometer for solar flare observations in max 1991A long duration balloon flight instrument for Max 1991 designed to study the acceleration of greater than 10 MeV ions and greater than 15 keV electrons in solar flares through high resolution spectroscopy of the gamma ray lines and hard X-ray and gamma ray continuum is described. The instrument, HIREGS, consists of an array of high-purity, n-type coaxial germanium detectors (HPGe) cooled to less than 90 K and surrounded by a bismuth germanate (BGO) anticoincidence shield. It will cover the energy range 15 keV to 20 MeV with keV spectral resolution, sufficient for accurate measurement of all parameters of the expected gamma ray lines with the exception of the neutron capture deuterium line. Electrical segmentation of the HPGe detector into a thin front segment and a thick rear segment, together with pulse-shape discrimination, provides optimal dynamic range and signal-to-background characteristics for flare measurements. Neutrons and gamma rays up to approximately 0.1 to 1 GeV can be detected and identified with the combination of the HPGe detectors and rear BGO shield. The HIREGS is planned for long duration balloon flights (LDBF) for solar flare studies during Max 1991. The two exploratory LDBFs carried out at mid-latitudes in 1987 to 1988 are described, and the LDBFs in Antarctica, which could in principle provide 24 hour/day solar coverage and very long flight durations (20 to 30 days) because of minimal ballast requirements are discussed.
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Lin, R. P.
(California Univ. Berkeley., United States)
Curtis, D. W.
(California Univ. Berkeley., United States)
Harvey, P.
(California Univ. Berkeley., United States)
Hurley, K.
(California Univ. Berkeley., United States)
Primbsch, J. H.
(California Univ. Berkeley., United States)
Smith, D. M.
(California Univ. Berkeley., United States)
Pelling, R. M.
(California Univ. San Diego., United States)
Duttweiler, F.
(California Univ. San Diego., United States)
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September 5, 2013
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November 1, 1988
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Publication: NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Max 1991: Flare Research at the Next Solar Maximum. Workshop 1: Scientific Objectives
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