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Design of feedback control systems for stable plants with saturating actuators
Author and Affiliation:
Kapasouris, Petros(Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., Cambridge, MA, United States)
Athans, Michael(Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., Cambridge, MA, United States)
Stein, Gunther(MIT, Cambridge, MA, United States)
Abstract: A systematic control design methodology is introduced for multi-input/multi-output stable open-loop plants with multiple saturations. This new methodology is a substantial improvement over previous heuristic single-input/single-output approaches. The idea is to introduce a supervisor loop so that when the references and/or disturbances are sufficiently small, the control system operates linearly as designed. For signals large enough to cause saturations, the control law is modified in such a way as to ensure stability and to preserve, to the extent possible, the behavior of the linear control design. Key benefits of this methodology are: the modified compensator never produces saturating control signals, integrators and/or slow dynamics in the compensator never windup, the directional properties of the controls are maintained, and the closed-loop system has certain guaranteed stability properties. The advantages of the new design methodology are illustrated in the simulation of an academic example and the simulation of the multivariable longitudinal control of a modified model of the F-8 aircraft.
Publication Date: Jan 01, 1988
Document ID:
(Acquired Nov 28, 1995)
Accession Number: 89A28536
Subject Category: CYBERNETICS
Document Type: Conference Paper
Publication Information: (SEE A89-28491 11-63)
Publisher Information: United States
Meeting Information: IEEE Conference on Decision and Control; 27th; Dec. 7-9, 1988; Austin, TX; United States
Contract/Grant/Task Num: NAG2-297
Financial Sponsor: NASA; United States
Organization Source: Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.; Cambridge, MA, United States
Description: 11p; In English
Distribution Limits: Unclassified; Publicly available; Unlimited
Rights: Copyright
Imprint And Other Notes: IN: IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 27th, Austin, TX, Dec. 7-9, 1988, Proceedings. Volume 1 (A89-28491 11-63). New York, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., 1988, p. 469-479. Research supported by the General Electric Co. Previously announced in STAR as N88-20050.
Availability Source: Other Sources
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