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Age-related disappearance of Mayer-like heart rate wavesThe effect of age on the principal spectral components of heart rate obtained immediately after passive upright tilt was investigated in human subjects who underwent a 60-deg tilt over 9 sec. Two groups were examined, the first of which consisting of healthy male subjects aged 22-26 years, while the second was comprised of subjects aged 65-84 years on no medication; radiograms were recorded continuously beginning just prior to tilt until 3 min posttilt. The results of spectral analysis showed that elderly subjects did not exhibit the Mayer-like heart rate waves (the 0.07-0.09 Hz oscillations) that were present in the spectra of young subjects immediately after passive upright tilt. The findings are consistent with the concept of a 'dysautonomia of aging'. It is suggested that postural stress testing with spectral analysis of heart rate fluctuations may provide a useful way of assessing physiologic vs chronologic age.
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Jarisch, W. R. (Beth Israel Hospital Boston, MA, United States)
Ferguson, J. J. (Beth Israel Hospital Boston, MA, United States)
Shannon, R. P. (Beth Israel Hospital Boston, MA, United States)
Wei, J. Y. (Beth Israel Hospital Boston, MA, United States)
Goldberger, A. L. (Beth Israel Hospital Boston, MA, United States)
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August 14, 2013
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January 1, 1987
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Publication: Experientia
Volume: 43
ISSN: 0014-4754
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