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Three dimensional LDV flow measurements and theoretical investigation in a radial inflow turbine scrollA two-color LDV system was used in the measurement of three orthogonal velocity components at 758 points located throughout the scroll and the unvaned portion of the nozzle of a radial inflow turbine scroll. The cold flow experimental results are presented for the velocity field at the scroll tongue. In addition, a total pressure loss of 3.5 percent for the scroll is revealed from the velocity measurements combined with the static pressure readings. Moreover, the measurement of the three normal stresses of the turbulence has showed that the flow is anisotropic. Furthermore, the mean velocity components are compared with a numerical solution of the potential flow field using the finite element technique. The theoretical prediction of the exit flow angle variation agrees well with the experimental results. This variation leads to a higher scroll pattern factor which can be avoided by controlling the scroll cross sectional area distribution.
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Conference Paper
Malak, Malak Fouad (Allied-Signal Aerospace Co., Garrett Auxiliary Power Div., Phoenix AZ, United States)
Hamed, Awatef (Allied-Signal Aerospace Co. Phoenix, AZ, United States)
Tabakoff, Widen (Cincinnati, University OH, United States)
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August 14, 2013
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January 1, 1990
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International Congress of Fluid Mechanics(Cairo)
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