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Contributions of late-type dwarf stars to the soft X-ray diffuse backgroundComprehensive calculations of the contribution of late-type dwarf stars to the soft X-ray diffuse background are presented. The mean X-ray luminosity as derived from optically and X-ray selected samples is examined, using the Bahcall-Soneira Galaxy model to describe the spatial distribution of stars and recent results on the X-ray spectra. The model calculations are compared with the Wisconsin sky maps in the C, M1, M2, I and J bands to assess the uncertainties of the calculations. Contributions of up to 10 percent to the M2 and I band background at high Galactic latitudes are found, while at low Galactic latitudes late-type stars contribute up to 40 percent of the background. However, a Galactic ridge as well as a relatively isotropic component still remains unexplained, even with the added contribution of the extrapolated high-energy power law.
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Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
(Max-Planck-Institut fuer Extraterrestrische Physik Garching, Federal Republic of Germany, United States)
Snowden, S. L.
(Max-Planck-Institut fuer Extraterrestrische Physik, Garching, Federal Republic of Germany; Wisconsin, University Madison, United States)
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August 14, 2013
Publication Date
September 20, 1990
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Publication: Astrophysical Journal, Part 1
Volume: 361
ISSN: 0004-637X
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