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automated thin-film analyses of hydrated interplanetary dust particles in the analytical electron microscopeA 200 keV electron microscope was used to obtain elemental analyses from over 4000 points on thin sections of eight 'layer silicate' class interplanetary dust particles (IDPs). Major and minor element abundances from a volume approaching that of a cylinder 50 nm in diameter were observed. Mineral phases and their relative abundances in the thin sections were identified and petrographic characteristics were determined. Three of the particles contained smectite (1.0-1.2 nm basal spacing) and two contained serpentine (0.7 nm basal spacing). The point count analyses and Mg-Si-Fe ternary diagrams show that one of the serpentine-containing IDPs is similar to CI and CM chondritic meteorites. The IDPs exhibit evidence of aqueous processing, but they have typically experienced only short range, submicrometer scale alteration. The IDPs may provide a broad sampling of the asteroid belt.
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Germani, M. S.
(McCrone Associates, Inc. Westmont, IL, United States)
Bradley, J. P.
(McCrone Associates, Inc. Westmont, IL, United States)
Brownlee, D. E.
(Washington, University Seattle, United States)
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August 15, 2013
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December 1, 1990
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Publication: Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Volume: 101
Issue: 4-Feb
ISSN: 0012-821X
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