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Acoustic levitation for high temperature containerless processing in spaceNew facilities for high-temperature containerless processing in space are described, including the acoustic levitation furnace (ALF), the high-temperature acoustic levitator (HAL), and the high-pressure acoustic levitator (HPAL). In the current ALF development, the maximum temperature capabilities of the levitation furnaces are 1750 C, and in the HAL development with a cold wall furnace they will exceed 2000-2500 C. The HPAL demonstrated feasibility of precursor space flight experiments on the ground in a 1 g pressurized-gas environment. Testing of lower density materials up to 1300 C has also been accomplished. It is suggested that advances in acoustic levitation techniques will result in the production of new materials such as ceramics, alloys, and optical and electronic materials.
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Conference Paper
Rey, C. A.
(Intersonics, Inc. Northbrook, IL, United States)
Sisler, R.
(Intersonics, Inc. Northbrook, IL, United States)
Merkley, D. R.
(Intersonics, Inc. Northbrook, IL, United States)
Danley, T. J.
(Intersonics, Inc. Northbrook, IL, United States)
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August 15, 2013
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January 1, 1990
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Materials Processing
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