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Modeling of the reactant conversion rate in a turbulent shear flowResults are presented of direct numerical simulations (DNS) of spatially developing shear flows under the influence of infinitely fast chemical reactions of the type A + B yields Products. The simulation results are used to construct the compositional structure of the scalar field in a statistical manner. The results of this statistical analysis indicate that the use of a Beta density for the probability density function (PDF) of an appropriate Shvab-Zeldovich mixture fraction provides a very good estimate of the limiting bounds of the reactant conversion rate within the shear layer. This provides a strong justification for the implementation of this density in practical modeling of non-homogeneous turbulent reacting flows. However, the validity of the model cannot be generalized for predictions of higher order statistical quantities. A closed form analytical expression is presented for predicting the maximum rate of reactant conversion in non-homogeneous reacting turbulence.
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Frankel, S. H. (State Univ. of New York Buffalo, NY, United States)
Madnia, C. K. (State Univ. of New York Buffalo, NY, United States)
Givi, P. (State Univ. of New York Buffalo, NY, United States)
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September 6, 2013
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April 30, 1992
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Publication: Large Eddy Simulations (LES) and Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) for the Computational Analyses of High Speed Reacting Flows 14 p (SEE N92-28817 19-34)
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