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Observations of Ozone-aerosol Correlated Behaviour in the Lower Stratosphere During the EASOE CampaignThe question of possible interactions between ozone and stratospheric aerosol has been open for a long time. Measurements carried out after the Mt. Agung and El Chicon eruptions showed evidence of negative correlations between the presence of volcanic stratospheric aerosols and ozone concentration. Evidence for negative correlations in the polar winter has been also found. It is only after the discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole that catalytic effects related to low temperature heterogeneous chemistry have become the object of much investigation, now extended to the role of volcanic aerosol in the ozone reduction. These phenomena can be the object of various interpretations, not mutually exclusive, including the effect of transport, diffuse radiation as well as heterogeneous chemistry. The present paper provides preliminary results of simultaneous measurements of ozone and aerosol, carried out at Thule, Greenland, during the winter 1991-92. The European Stratospheric Ozone Experiment (EASOE) was aimed at monitoring the winter Arctic stratosphere in order to obtain a deeper insight of the ozone destruction processes taking place in the polar regions. A large amount of aerosol was injected into the lower stratosphere by the recent eruption of Volcano Pinatubo. A lidar system, already operational in Thule since November 1990, has provided detailed measurements of the stratospheric aerosol concentration during EASOE. In the same period, a large number of ozonesondes were launched. Although no PSC formation was detected over Thule, the simultaneous measurement of the stratospheric aerosol and ozone profiles give the possibility to study interactions occurring in the stratosphere between these two constituents.
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Conference Paper
Digirolamo, P.
(La Sapienza Univ. Rome, Italy)
Cacciani, M.
(La Sapienza Univ. Rome, Italy)
Disarra, A.
(La Sapienza Univ. Rome, Italy)
Fiocco, G.
(La Sapienza Univ. Rome, Italy)
Fua, D.
(La Sapienza Univ. Rome, Italy)
Joergensen, T. S.
(Danish Meteorological Inst. Copenhagen., United States)
Knudsen, B.
(Danish Meteorological Inst. Copenhagen., United States)
Larsen, N.
(Danish Meteorological Inst. Copenhagen., United States)
Date Acquired
September 6, 2013
Publication Date
July 1, 1992
Publication Information
Publication: NASA. Langley Research Center, Sixteenth International Laser Radar Conference, Part 1
Subject Category
Environment Pollution
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