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An integrated Ka/Ku-band payload for personal, mobile and private business communicationsThe Canadian Department of Communications has been studying options for a government-sponsored demonstration payload to be launched before the end of the century. A summary of the proposed system concepts and network architectures for providing an advanced private business network service at Ku-band and personal and mobile communications at Ka-band is presented. The system aspects addressed include coverage patterns, traffic capacity, and grade of service, multiple access options as well as special problems, such as Doppler in mobile applications. Earth terminal types and the advanced payload concept proposed in a feasibility study for the demonstration mission are described. This concept is a combined Ka-band/Ku-band payload which incorporates a number of advanced satellite technologies including a group demodulator to convert single-channel-per-carrier frequency division multiple access uplink signals to a time division multiplex downlink, on-board signal regeneration, and baseband switching to support packet switched data operation. The on-board processing capability of the payload provides a hubless VSAT architecture which permits single-hop full mesh interconnectivity. The Ka-band and Ku-band portions of the payload are fully integrated through an on-board switch, thereby providing the capability for fully integrated services, such as using the Ku-band VSAT terminals as gateway stations for the Ka-band personal and mobile communications services.
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Conference Paper
Hayes, Edward J. (Communications Research Centre Ottawa Ontario, Canada)
Keelty, J. Malcolm (Spar Aerospace Ltd. Montreal, Quebec , Canada)
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September 6, 2013
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September 15, 1991
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Publication: JPL, Proceedings of the Workshop on Advanced Network and Technology Concepts for Mobile, Micro, and Personal Communications
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