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Structure of a swirl-stabilized spray flame by imaging, laser Doppler velocimetry, and phase Doppler anemometryData are presented which describe the mean structure of a steady, swirl-stabilized, kerosene spray flame in the near-injector region of a research furnace. The data presented include ensemble-averaged results of schlieren, luminosity, and extinction imaging, measurement of the gas phase velocity field by laser Doppler velocimetry, and characterization of the condensed phase velocity by phase Doppler anemometry. The results of these studies define six key regions in the flame: the dense spray region; the rich, two-phase, fuel jet; the main air jet; the internal product recirculation zone; the external product recirculation zone; and the gaseous diffusion flame zone. The first five of these regions form a conical mixing layer which prepares the air and fuel for combustion. The air and fuel jets comprise the central portion of this mixing layer and are bounded on either side by the hot product gases of the internal and external recirculation zones. Entrainment of these product gases into the air/fuel streams provides the energy required to evaporate the fuel spray and initiate combustion. Intermittency of the internal recirculation and spray jet flows accounts for unexpected behavior observed in the aerodynamics of the two phases. The data reported herein are part of the database being accumulated on this spray flame for the purpose of detailed comparison with numerical modeling.
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Conference Paper
Edwards, C. F.
(Sandia National Laboratories Livermore, CA, United States)
Rudoff, R. C.
(Aerometrics, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA, United States)
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August 15, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1991
Subject Category
Inorganic And Physical Chemistry
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International Symposium on Combustion(Orleans)
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