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The experimental determination of the moments of inertia of airplanes by a simplified compound-pendulum method
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Author and Affiliation: Gracey, William
Abstract: A simplified compound-pendulum method for the experimental determination of the moments of inertia of airplanes about the x and y axes is described. The method is developed as a modification of the standard pendulum method reported previously in NACA report, NACA-467. A brief review of the older method is included to form a basis for discussion of the simplified method. (author)
Publication Date: Jun 01, 1948
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(Acquired Sep 01, 1996)
Accession Number: 93R11589
Report/Patent Number: NACA-TN-1629
Publisher Information: United States
Organization Source: National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Langley Aeronautical Lab.; Langley Field, VA, United States
Description: 27p; In English; Diagrams, tables. .
Relation Information: NACA Technical Note 1629.
Distribution Limits: Unclassified; Publicly available; Unlimited
Rights: No Copyright
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