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lightning protection technology for small general aviation composite material aircraftAn on going NASA (Small Business Innovative Research) SBIR Phase II design and development program will produce the first lightning protected, fiberglass, General Aviation aircraft that is available as a kit. The results obtained so far in development testing of typical components of the aircraft kit, such as the wing and fuselage panels indicate that the lightning protection design methodology and materials chosen are capable of protecting such small composite airframes from lightning puncture and structural damage associated with severe threat lightning strikes. The primary objective of the program has been to develop a lightening protection design for full scale test airframe and verify its adequacy with full scale laboratory testing, thus enabling production and sale of owner-built, lightning-protected, Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft, Inc. Glasair II airplanes. A second objective has been to provide lightning protection design guidelines for the General Aviation industry, and to enable these airplanes to meet lightening protection requirements for certification of small airplanes. This paper describes the protection design approaches and development testing results obtained thus far in the program, together with design methodology which can achieve the design goals listed above. The presentation of this paper will also include results of some of the full scale verification tests, which will have been completed by the time of this conference.
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Conference Paper
Plumer, J. A.
(Lightning Technologies, Inc. United States)
Setzer, T. E.
(Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft, Inc. United States)
Siddiqi, S.
(Analytical Services & Materials, Inc. United States)
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August 16, 2013
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January 1, 1993
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ISSN: 0148-7191
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SAE PAPER 931241
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SAE General, Corporate, & Regional Aviation Meeting & Exposition(Wichita, KS)
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