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Effects of solar radiation pressure torque on the rotational motion of an artificial satelliteThe motion of an artificial satellite about its center of mass is studied considering torques due to the gravity gradient and direct solar radiation pressure. A model for direct solar radiation torque is derived for a circular cylindrical satellite. An analytical solution is obtained by the method of variation of the parameters. This solution shows that the angular variables have secular variation but that the modulus of the rotational angular momentum, the projection of rotational angular momentum on the z axis of the moment of inertia and inertial axis z, suffer only periodic variations. Considering a hypothetical artificial satellite, a numerical application is demonstrated.
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Conference Paper
Zanardi, Maria Cecilia F. P. S.
(Universidade Estadual de Paulista Guaratingueta, Brazil)
Vilhenademoraes, Rodolpho
(Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil)
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August 17, 2013
Publication Date
April 1, 1992
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Publication: Technion - Israel Inst. of Tech., Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Civilian Space Applications
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