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mississippi state university center for air sea technology fy95 research programThe Mississippi State University (MSU) Center for Air Sea Technology (CAST) evolved from the Institute for Naval Oceanography's (INO) Experimental Center for Mesoscale Ocean Prediction (ECMOP) which was started in 1989. MSU CAST subsequently began operation on 1 October 1992 under an Office of Naval Research (ONR) two-year grant which ended on 30 September 1994. In FY95 MSU CAST was successful in obtaining five additional research grants from ONR, as well as several other research contracts from the Naval Oceanographic Office via NASA, the Naval Research Laboratory, the Army Corps of Engineers, and private industry. In the past, MSU CAST technical research and development has produced tools, systems, techniques, and procedures that improve efficiency and overcome deficiency for both the operational and research communities residing with the Department of Defense, private industry, and university ocean modeling community. We continued this effort with the following thrust areas: to develop advanced methodologies and tools for model evaluation, validation and visualization, both oceanographic and atmospheric; to develop a system-level capability for conducting temporally and ; spatially scaled ocean simulations driven by or are responsive to ocean models, and take into consideration coupling to atmospheric models; to continue the existing oceanographic/atmospheric data management task with emphasis on distributed databases in a network environment, with database optimization and standardization, including use of Mosaic and World Wide Web (WWW) access; and to implement a high performance parallel computing technology for CAST ocean models
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Yeske, Lanny
(Mississippi State Univ. Bay Saint Louis, MS United States)
Corbin, James H.
(Mississippi State Univ. Bay Saint Louis, MS United States)
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August 17, 2013
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September 30, 1995
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CONTRACT_GRANT: N00014-95-1-0293
CONTRACT_GRANT: N00014-95-1-0186
CONTRACT_GRANT: N00014-95-1-0068
CONTRACT_GRANT: N00014-95-1-0218
CONTRACT_GRANT: N00014-95-1-0303
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