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Development and qualification testing of a laser-ignited, all-secondary (DDT) detonatorThe Indian Head Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (IHDIV, NSWC) is conducting a qualification program for a laser-ignited, all-secondary (DDT) explosive detonator. This detonator was developed jointly by IHDIV, NSWC and the Department of Energy's EG&G Mound Applied Technologies facility in Miamisburg, Ohio to accept a laser initiation signal and produce a fully developed shock wave output. The detonator performance requirements were established by the on-going IHDIV, NSWC Laser Initiated Transfer Energy Subsystem (LITES) advanced development program. Qualification of the detonator as a component utilizing existing military specifications is the selected approach for this program. The detonator is a deflagration-to-detonator transfer (DDT) device using a secondary explosive, HMX, to generate the required shock wave output. The prototype development and initial system integration tests for the LITES and for the detonator were reported at the 1992 International Pyrotechnics Society Symposium and at the 1992 Survival and Flight Equipment National Symposium. Recent results are presented for the all-fire sensitivity and qualification tests conducted at two different laser initiation pulses.
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Conference Paper
Blachowski, Thomas J.
(Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head, MD United States)
Krivitsky, Darrin Z.
(Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head, MD United States)
Tipton, Stephen
(Air Logistics Center Tinker AFB, OK United States)
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August 17, 2013
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February 1, 1994
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Publication: The 2nd NASA Aerospace Pyrotechnic Systems Workshop
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Propellants And Fuels
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