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Envision: An interactive system for the management and visualization of large geophysical data setsEnvision is a software project at the University of Illinois and Texas A&M, funded by NASA's Applied Information Systems Research Project. It provides researchers in the geophysical sciences convenient ways to manage, browse, and visualize large observed or model data sets. Envision integrates data management, analysis, and visualization of geophysical data in an interactive environment. It employs commonly used standards in data formats, operating systems, networking, and graphics. It also attempts, wherever possible, to integrate with existing scientific visualization and analysis software. Envision has an easy-to-use graphical interface, distributed process components, and an extensible design. It is a public domain package, freely available to the scientific community.
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Conference Paper
Searight, K. R. (Illinois Univ. Urbana, IL United States)
Wojtowicz, D. P. (Illinois Univ. Urbana, IL United States)
Walsh, J. E. (Illinois Univ. Urbana, IL United States)
Pathi, S. (Texas A&M Univ. College Station, TX United States)
Bowman, K. P. (Texas A&M Univ. College Station, TX United States)
Wilhelmson, R. B. (Illinois Univ. Urbana, IL United States)
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August 17, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1995
Publication Information
Publication: Visualization techniques in space and atmospheric sciences
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Documentation and Information Science
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Work of the US Gov. Public Use Permitted.

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