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Low Gravity Transfer Line ChilldownA code has been developed that solves for the transfer line chilldown time and flow and heat transfer characteristics in one-g environment. The code solves the transient, one dimensional, space averaged mass, momentum, and energy conservation equations for liquid-vapor two-phase flow in tubes. The physical configuration solved is that appropriate for bottom coolant injection in a vertically supported heated tube. Four distinct regions are considered consecutively: fully liquid, inverted annular, dispersed, and fully vapor flow. The conservation equations for both the liquid and the vapor are solved in each region separately. Also, in each region the mass and energy transport between each phase as well as the energy and momentum transport between the tube wall and the fluid are accounted for. A finite wall thickness is also considered.

The model described above was solved numerically through a mixed finite difference scheme with forward time marching. The inverted annular regime was resolved using a semi-implicit finite differencing while the dispersed regime was solved explicitly. Also, a staggered mesh was used in which the velocity was resolved at mesh boundaries while all other field variables were resolved at the mesh centroids. Different mesh sizes were used depending on the region of solution. A coarse mesh was used in the dispersed flow region while a much finer mesh was used in both the inverted annular flow region and the tube walls.
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Conference Paper
B. N. Antar
(Tennessee University Space institute Tullahoma, TN United States)
Jere S. Meserole
(Boeing Aerospace Corporation Kent, WA United States)
F. G. Collins
(Tennessee University Space institute Tullahoma, TN United States)
A. Hedayatpour
(Tennessee University Space institute Tullahoma, TN United States)
T. McGee
(Tennessee University Space institute Tullahoma, TN United States)
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August 17, 2013
Publication Date
October 26, 1989
Publication Information
Publication: Overview of the Center for Advanced Space Propulsion
Subject Category
Fluid Mechanics And Heat Transfer
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