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Aircraft Interior Noise Control Using Distributed Piezoelectric ActuatorsDeveloping a control system that can reduce the noise and structural vibration at the same time is an important task. This talk presents one possible technical approach for accomplishing this task. The target application of the research is for aircraft interior noise control. The emphasis of the present approach is not on control strategies, but rather on the design of actuators for the control system. In the talk, a theory of distributed piezoelectric actuators is introduced. A uniform cylindrical shell is taken as a simplified model of fuselage structures to illustrate the effectiveness of the design theory. The actuators developed are such that they can reduce the tonal structural vibration and interior noise in a wide range of frequencies. Extensive computer simulations have been done to study various aspects of the design theory. Experiments have also been conducted and the test results strongly support the theoretical development.
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Conference Paper
Sun, Jian Q.
(Delaware Univ. Newark, DE United States)
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August 17, 2013
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March 1, 1996
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Publication: Proceedings of the 4th Annual Workshop: Advances in Smart Materials for Aerospace Applications
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