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Analysis of a Pilot Airplane Lateral Instability Experienced with the X-15 AirplaneAn analysis is made of a lateral-control problem in which the pilot, through normal application of control, induces divergent oscillations in bank angle. The problem, first encountered on the X-15 simulator and later confirmed in flight, is explained through the use of root-locus plots of the pilot-airplane combination in which the pilot is represented by a human transfer function. A parameter is developed which is useful for predicting the lateral-control problem and for showing the effect of the principal aerodynamic and inertial parameters. Also, means of determining regions in the flight envelope where the pilot-airplane would be susceptible to lateral instability are developed.
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Other - NASA Technical Note (TN)
Taylor, Lawrence W., Jr.
(NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Edwards, CA United States)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
November 1, 1961
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Aircraft Stability And Control
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