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Development of a Linearized Unsteady Euler Analysis with Application to Wake/Blade-Row InteractionsA three-dimensional, linearized, Euler analysis is being developed to provide a comprehensive and efficient unsteady aerodynamic analysis for predicting the aeroacoustic and aeroelastic responses of axial-flow turbomachinery blading. The mathematical models needed to describe nonlinear and linearized, inviscid, unsteady flows through a blade row operating within a cylindrical annular duct are presented in this report. A numerical model for linearized inviscid unsteady flows, which couples a near-field, implicit, wave-split, finite volume analysis to far-field eigen analyses, is also described. The linearized aerodynamic and numerical models have been implemented into the three-dimensional unsteady flow code, LINFLUX. This code is applied herein to predict unsteady subsonic flows driven by wake or vortical excitations. The intent is to validate the LINFLUX analysis via numerical results for simple benchmark unsteady flows and to demonstrate this analysis via application to a realistic wake/blade-row interaction. Detailed numerical results for a three-dimensional version of the 10th Standard Cascade and a fan exit guide vane indicate that LINFLUX is becoming a reliable and useful unsteady aerodynamic prediction capability that can be applied, in the future, to assess the three-dimensional flow physics important to blade-row, aeroacoustic and aeroelastic responses.
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Contractor Report (CR)
Verdon, Joseph M.
(United Technologies Research Center East Hartford, CT United States)
Montgomery, Matthew D.
(United Technologies Research Center East Hartford, CT United States)
Chuang, H. Andrew
(United Technologies Research Center East Hartford, CT United States)
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September 6, 2013
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March 1, 1999
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NAS 1.26:208879
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PROJECT: RTOP 538-03-11
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