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Reusable Rocket Engine Advanced Health Management System. Architecture and Technology Evaluation: SummaryIn this study, we proposed an Advanced Health Management System (AHMS) functional architecture and conducted a technology assessment for liquid propellant rocket engine lifecycle health management. The purpose of the AHMS is to improve reusable rocket engine safety and to reduce between-flight maintenance. During the study, past and current reusable rocket engine health management-related projects were reviewed, data structures and health management processes of current rocket engine programs were assessed, and in-depth interviews with rocket engine lifecycle and system experts were conducted. A generic AHMS functional architecture, with primary focus on real-time health monitoring, was developed. Fourteen categories of technology tasks and development needs for implementation of the AHMS were identified, based on the functional architecture and our assessment of current rocket engine programs. Five key technology areas were recommended for immediate development, which (1) would provide immediate benefits to current engine programs, and (2) could be implemented with minimal impact on the current Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) and Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) engine controllers.
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Pettit, C. D.
(Boeing Co. Canoga Park, CA United States)
Barkhoudarian, S.
(Boeing Co. Canoga Park, CA United States)
Daumann, A. G., Jr.
(Boeing Co. Canoga Park, CA United States)
Provan, G. M.
(Rockwell International Science Center Thousand Oaks, CA United States)
ElFattah, Y. M.
(Rockwell International Science Center Thousand Oaks, CA United States)
Glover, D. E.
(Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc. Santa Monica, CA United States)
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August 19, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1999
Subject Category
Spacecraft Propulsion And Power
Report/Patent Number
AIAA Paper 99-2527
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Joint Propulsion(Los Angeles, CA)
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