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Earth Orbiter 1 (EO-1): Wideband Advanced Recorder and Processor (WARP)An overview of the Earth Orbitor 1 (EO1) Wideband Advanced Recorder and Processor (WARP) is presented in viewgraph form. The WARP is a spacecraft component that receives, stores, and processes high rate science data and its associated ancillary data from multispectral detectors, hyperspectral detectors, and an atmospheric corrector, and then transmits the data via an X-band or S-band transmitter to the ground station. The WARP project goals are: (1) Pathfinder for next generation LANDSAT mission; (2) Flight prove architectures and technologies; and (3) Identify future technology needs.
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Preprint (Draft being sent to journal)
Smith, Terry (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD United States)
Kessler, John (Litton Industries College Park, MD United States)
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August 19, 2013
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January 1, 1999
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Spacecraft Instrumentation
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1999 GOMAC(Monterey, CA)
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