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JANNAF 28th Propellant Development and Characterization Subcommittee and 17th Safety and Environmental Protection Subcommittee Joint MeetingThis volume contains 37 unclassified/unlimited-distribution technical papers that were presented at the JANNAF 28th Propellant Development & Characterization Subcommittee (PDCS) and 17th Safety & Environmental Protection Subcommittee (S&EPS) Joint Meeting, held 26-30 April 1999 at the Town & Country Hotel and the Naval Submarine Base, San Diego, California. Volume II contains 29 unclassified/limited-distribution papers that were presented at the 28th PDCS and 17th S&EPS Joint Meeting. Volume III contains a classified paper that was presented at the 28th PDCS Meeting on 27 April 1999. Topics covered in PDCS sessions include: solid propellant rheology; solid propellant surveillance and aging; propellant process engineering; new solid propellant ingredients and formulation development; reduced toxicity liquid propellants; characterization of hypergolic propellants; and solid propellant chemical analysis methods. Topics covered in S&EPS sessions include: space launch range safety; liquid propellant hazards; vapor detection methods for toxic propellant vapors and other hazardous gases; toxicity of propellants, ingredients, and propellant combustion products; personal protective equipment for toxic liquid propellants; and demilitarization/treatment of energetic material wastes.
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Conference Proceedings
Cocchiaro, James E. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Columbia, MD United States)
Mulder, Edwin J. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Columbia, MD United States)
Gomez-Knight, Sylvia J. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Columbia, MD United States)
Date Acquired
August 19, 2013
Publication Date
April 1, 1999
Subject Category
Propellants and Fuels
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Meeting Information
Propellant Development and Characterization Subcommittee(San Diego, CA)
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Work of the US Gov. Public Use Permitted.

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