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a new all solid state approach to gaseous pollutant detectionRecent efforts in our laboratories have concentrated on the development of an all solid state gas sensor, by combining solid electrolyte (ion exchange membrane) technology with advanced thin film deposition processes. With the proper bias magnitude and polarity these miniature electro-chemical,cells show remarkable current responses for many common pollution gases. Current activity is now focused on complementing a multiple array (matrix) of these solid state sensors, with a digital electronic scanner device possessing "scan-compare-identify-alarm: capability. This innovative approach to multi-component pollutant gas analysis may indeed be the advanced prototype for the "third generation" class of pollution analysis instrumentation so urgently needed in the decade ahead.
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Brown, V.
(ENMET Corp. Ann Arbor, MI United States)
Tamstorf, K.
(ENMET Corp. Ann Arbor, MI United States)
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August 19, 2013
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January 1, 1971
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Environment Pollution
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AIAA Paper 71-1114
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Sensing of Environmental Pollutants(Palo Alto, CA)
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