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Author and Affiliation:
Levy, Cesar(Florida International Univ., Mechanical Engineering Dept., Miami, FL United States)
Ebadian, M. A.(Florida International Univ., Mechanical Engineering Dept., Miami, FL United States)
Abstract: We finished the material development of Level 1, Level 2 and most of Level 3. We created three new galleries, one of streaming videos enabling the user to select his/her appropriate speed of Internet connectivity for better performance. The second gallery on NASA's X-series aircraft and the third is on F-series aircraft, We also completed the placement and activation of all thirteen kiosks. We added one more kiosk over the number suggested in the proposal at Baker Aviation High School - a Dade County Public School for special aviation programs. We felt that the goals of this school matched ALLSTAR's goals and that the placement of the kiosk would better help the local students become interested in the Aviation and Aeronautics field. We continue to work on the development of our "Teacher Resource Guide to ALLSTAR material" in which we tied our material into the national and Florida State standards. We finished the Florida Sunshine State standards, getting positive feedback from local and other educators who use the material on a regular basis. We had another successful workshop on October 29th, 1997. We introduced the ALLSTAR website and kiosk to about twenty science and history teachers from Dade County Public Schools (DCPS). Most teachers were from middle schools, although we had some from elementary schools also. We provided several demonstrations of the ALLSTAR material to local schools in the Dade County Public Schools (DCPS) system. We used the ALLSTAR material with FIU's summer immersion program for FLAME students. This program includes a high number of minority students interested in science and engineering. We also presented the material at National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and National Congress on Aviation and Space Education (NCASE) conferences and will be presenting the material at the Southeast Florida Aviation Consortium (SEFAC). We provided two on-site workshops in the NSTA conference with total attended of about 70 teachers. The BBS was converted to an on-line discussion forum with a unique section on Blacks in Aviation, Prime Technologies coordinated with NASA LaRC and the Teacher Resource Centers (TRCS) for scale-up of ALLSTAR and performed live demonstrations of the software in schools and at conventions.
Publication Date: Aug 15, 1998
Document ID:
(Acquired Mar 31, 2000)
Coverage: Final Report; 1 Jul. 1997 - 30 Jun. 1998
Document Type: Technical Report
Contract/Grant/Task Num: NCC2-917
Financial Sponsor: NASA Ames Research Center; Moffett Field, CA United States
Organization Source: Florida International Univ.; Mechanical Engineering Dept.; Miami, FL United States
Description: 12p; In English
Distribution Limits: Unclassified; Publicly available; Unlimited
Rights: No Copyright
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