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Protein Kinases Possibly Mediate Hypergravity-Induced Changes in F-Actin Expression by Endothelial CellsBasic cellular functions such as electrolyte concentration, cell growth rate, glucose utilization, bone formation, response to growth stimulation, and exocytosis are modified in microgravity. These studies indicate that microgravity affects a number of physiological systems and included in this are cell signaling mechanisms. Rijken and coworkers performed growth factor studies that showed PKC signaling and actin microfilament organization appears to be sensitive to microgravity, suggesting that the inhibition of signal transduction by microgravity may be related to alterations in actin microfilament organization. However, similar studies have not been done for vascular cells. Vascular endothelial cells play critical roles in providing nutrients to organ and tissues and in wound repair. The major deterrent to ground-based microgravity studies is that it is impossible to achieved true microgravity for longer than a few minutes on earth. Hence, it has not been possible to conduct prolonged microgravity studies except for two models that simulate certain aspects of microgravity. However, hypergravity is quite easily achieved. Several researchers have shown that hypergravity will increase the proliferation of several different cell lines while decreasing cell motility and slowing liver regeneration following partial hepatectomy, These studies indicate the hypergravity also alters the behavior of most cells. Several investigators have shown that hypergravity affects the activation of several protein kinases (PKs) in cells. In this study, we investigated whether hypergravity alters the expression of f-actin by bovine aortic endothelial cells (BAECs) and the role of PK's (calmodulin 11 dependent, PKA and PKC) as mediators of these effects.
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Conference Paper
Love, Felisha D.
(Morehouse School of Medicine Atlanta, GA United States)
Melhado, Caroline D.
(Morehouse School of Medicine Atlanta, GA United States)
Bosah, Francis N.
(Morehouse School of Medicine Atlanta, GA United States)
Harris-Hooker, Sandra A.
(Morehouse School of Medicine Atlanta, GA United States)
Sanford, Gary L.
(Morehouse School of Medicine Atlanta, GA United States)
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August 19, 2013
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February 22, 1998
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Publication: NASA University Research Centers Technical Advances in Aeronautics, Space Sciences and Technology, Earth Systems Sciences, Global Hydrology, and Education
Volume: 2 and 3
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Life Sciences (General)
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