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Over-Expression, Purification and Crystallization of Human Dihydrolipoamide DehydrogenaseDehydrolipoamide dehydrogenase (E3; dihydrolipoan-tide:NAD+ oxidoreductase, EC is a common catalytic component found in pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex, and branched-chain cc-keto acid dehydrogenase complex. E3 is also a component (referred to as L protein) of the glycine cleavage system in bacterial metabolism (2). Active E3 forms a homodimer with four distinctive subdomain structures (FAD binding, NAD+ binding, central and interface domains) with non-covalently but tightly bound FAD in the holoenzyme. Deduced amino acids from cloned full-length human E3 gene showed a total of 509 amino acids with a leader sequence (N-terminal 35 amino acids) that is excised (mature form) during transportation of expressed E3 into mitochondria membrane. So far, three-dimensional structure of human E3 has not been reported. Our effort to achieve the elucidation of the X-ray crystal structure of human E3 will be presented. Recombinant pPROEX-1 expression vector (from GIBCO BRL Life Technologies) having the human E3 gene without leader sequence was constructed by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and subsequent ligation, and cloned in E.coli XL1-Blue by transformation. Since pPROEX-1 vector has an internal His-tag (six histidine peptide) located at the upstream region of a multicloning site, one-step affinity purification of E3 using nickelnitriloacetic acid (Ni-NTA) agarose resin, which has a strong affinity to His-tag, was feasible. Also a seven-amino-acid spacer peptide and a recombinant tobacco etch virus protease recognition site (seven amino acids peptide) found between His-tag and first amino acid of expressed E3 facilitated the cleavage of His-tag from E3 after the affinity purification. By IPTG induction, ca. 15 mg of human E3 (mature form) was obtained from 1L LB culture with overnight incubation at 25C. Over 98% of purity of E3 from one-step Ni-NTA agarose affinity purification was confirmed by SDS-PAGE analysis. For crystallization, E3 samples were prepared with and without His-tag. To minimize the aggregation of E3, apo- and holo- forms of E3s were tested, as well as a mutated E3. Dynamic light scattering measurements revealed that the E3 preparations without His-tag and substrate are highly monodispersive with regard to homodimers. Consequent crystallization trials of this E3 preparation led to single crystals of E3 grown by the vapor diffusion method. Crystals were obtained within a few days from solution containing poly (ethylene glycol) monomethyl ether 5000 as a precipitant. Autoindexing and integration of the X-ray diffraction data showed that E3 crystals belong to an orthorhombic system with unit cell parameters a-- 123. 1, b= 165.3 and c=214.3A. Further optimization of protein preparation and crystallization experiments for the structural determination will be discussed.
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Hong, Y. S.
(Universities Space Research Association Huntsville, AL United States)
Ciszak, Ewa
(Universities Space Research Association Huntsville, AL United States)
Patel, Mulchand
(State Univ. of New York Buffalo, NY United States)
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August 19, 2013
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January 1, 2000
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Life Sciences (General)
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